Where is Kezia?

I’ll be travelling with a Garmin InReach tracking device which is mainly for safety reasons as it will update my location at intervals of my choosing and it also has a handy SOS button – although fingers crossed it is not required!

Use the link below to see my most recent location:


In rough, I plan to cycle to Dover and then catch a ferry to Dunkirk. Then cycle across Europe to Istanbul. From there I will stay in northern Turkey then into Georgia and Azerbaijan, before catching a ferry across the Caspian Sea (I couldn’t get an Iranian visa unfortunately, so the ferry was a necessary route choice). Then I’m into the ‘Stans’ – likely to be the most exciting part of the trip. Popping out into North West China, before heading into Mongolia and then into Beijing. The final leg, although still a fair few miles, is to cross North America. Staying south as I don’t like being cold and it will be November/December at this point, I’ll cycle from the Pacific Ocean across to the Atlantic (detail tbc!). Back home in time for Christmas. 

This may be the plan, but so much can happen between now and December. I guess that’s the exciting part of it. No one knows!