Week 32-33

The weeks are rolling by now and I have just over two weeks left before my flight home!

In these past two weeks a lot has changed; notably the weather/climate. The desert of western Texas is long gone and replaced by Louisiana’s humidity and water. The Gulf of Mexico, swamplands and rivers, including the Mississippi! This inevitably brings more animals into the area. The return of Mosquitos was a sudden annoyance, especially as I haven’t really had to deal with them since I was in Tajikistan! But also some much bigger animals that took me by surprise too!

I’ve spent the last three days in New Orleans and it’s been really great. Music and food everywhere. I would highly recommend it as a holiday destination. I did a walking tour round the city, a couple of museums which included one about the Mardi Gras festival and also a large section on Hurricane Katrina. I saw a gospel Christmas concert and also an amazing jazz performance in one of its birthplaces. And finally, I ate lots of fantastic food.

The video is longer than my normal videos (sorry!) – enjoy.


  1. Gareth Stockman · Dec 7, 2019

    Haha epic adventure with the drone Kezia! Lolll.

    I actually went on to your blog yesterday thinking that it had been a while since the last – thought that I may have missed it!

    Enjoy the cycling home for Christmas – last stretch now! Although equally, don’t rush it to be over – you are missing absolutely nothing in the UK and will probably soon wish that you were back pedalling the world!


    • keziajukes4368 · Dec 11, 2019

      Ha, thanks.
      You’re definitely right. It’s a trap I try not to fall into that you look forward to being home and normal things. I was even daydreaming about a commute into work the other day!! Odd!


  2. Shaun Montague · Dec 7, 2019

    Great work Kez,
    Really enjoy the period catch up of your adventures and great footage of some outrageous bridges (I suppose it’s a Sapper obsession).
    So glad to see you survived alligator alley; I could see you were genuinely concerned about them. Not long until home time and a much earned rest.


    • keziajukes4368 · Dec 11, 2019

      Sooooo many bridges! Especially around New Orleans where I think there is genuinely more water than land!
      Ha, indeed. For all the animals I’ve come across, those alligators were the biggest surprise! I was prepped for snakes and spiders, but not a clue what to do against a crocodile! Still on my guard as I think Florida has just as many!


  3. Kate Ford · Dec 7, 2019

    Ah that is all so cool. I hear that alligators run quite fast….. but they don’t turn easily so you should run in a zigzag. Just FYI! 🤪
    Glad you were able to retrieve your drone, too!!! Whew!

    Happy last bit of cycling to you!


    • keziajukes4368 · Dec 11, 2019

      Thanks Kate. I’ll get my zigzag practising in! Can’t be getting caught so close to the end of the trip!


  4. Anna · Dec 7, 2019

    Another fabulous video.. such different landscape.. not fussed on crocs either… you’re doing so well to get to your destinations on time… New Orleans looked great.. keep safe …


  5. Ieuan · Dec 9, 2019

    Your video of New Orleans really captured the spirit if the place.when we were in the Everglades we were told to run in a zig zag so if you get chased ride in a zig zag I am sure you will be ok and alligators prefer fish X X


    • keziajukes4368 · Dec 11, 2019

      Good to know. In Florida now and I haven’t seen anymore alligators but I know there are a lot around. Keeping an eye open for them! X


  6. Adam C · Dec 17, 2019

    Another great video Kezia. Kerry and I will be sad when it’s over! Have a great final leg and a safe trip back home in a few days time…


    • keziajukes4368 · Dec 24, 2019

      Thanks a lot to you both. Just posted my last video! Landed back in London this morning and all went well. I hope you and the rest of the family have a lovely Christmas. Thanks for your support.


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