Week 28

I’ve been back on the bike now for 4 days and have just crossed the border out of California into Arizona! So, a fair amount has happened in the last week.

I successfully met up with Polly (sister) in San Diego airport who handed me a bag of goodies from my family – thanks fam. We then picked up the hire car and made our way to the booked Air bnb. I only have a limited amount of free time so we crammed all our sightseeing into three days. A trip up the coast, a surf/beach trip, a few historic sights and a particular highlight for both of us, was a whale watching trip into the Pacific. We were incredibly lucky as we saw three hump back whales and a massive pod of dolphins – the guide kept telling us that this was not the norm!

On Wednesday I cycled away. Polly and I met throughout the day. We got a small insight into the American Halloween on Thursday and a few sips of the local wine! On Friday morning Polly left me in the desert to head back to San Diego to meet a friend before she flying home.

Lots more desert for me over the next couple of weeks. I’m already amazed at what scenery America has to offer; and that was just in one state.


  1. Steve Gadd · Nov 3, 2019

    Hey Kez, been looking forward to every post. What a fascinating trip of a life time, mind you you will probably go the other way next time to say you have done it both ways. Glad to see your on the home leg now. Keep peddling, safe last month. Steve


    • keziajukes4368 · Nov 10, 2019

      Hey Steve, good to hear from you. I hope Swansea is treating you well. Haha, not sure APC would approve a second similar trip! Will have to come up with something else!! Thanks, kez


  2. Kate Ford · Nov 3, 2019

    Hey Kezia….and Polly!!!! Welcome to America! Hope it treats you well, and you find more pavement and less desert sand! šŸŒµ


    • keziajukes4368 · Nov 10, 2019

      Thanks! Iā€™ve successfully been avoiding those sandy roads since that last video! I learnt my lesson!!


  3. Ieuan · Nov 4, 2019

    Smashing video and wonderful start with the boat trip and ther is so much more for you to see


  4. Ieuan · Nov 7, 2019

    Smashing first video of America I like your new hat we loved the area you are in there is so much to see there be careful of the side winders in the desert xx


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