Week 25

I made it into China (eventually) without any problems…..success! At the border I bumped into a Spanish cyclist, David, who was cycling from Ulaanbaatar to Beijing. I hadn’t realised that there was a 3km stretch between the Mongolian and Chinese Border that is forbidden to cycle or walk between, so we had to load our bikes and all our bags into the back of a van and hitch a lift. The borders were pretty quick and painless and we were into the Chinese Gobi desert within a couple of hours. After a tough day of 4 punctures (!), David cycled off on a different route to me and I made my way to the city of Datong (I haven’t had a puncture since!!!)

Famous for the Buddhist cave carvings and the huge amount of money being spent on a very impressive walled city; I had plenty to see in Datong over the couple of days I was there.

I now have spare time, which does feel odd. I’ve made my way to the region just north of Beijing to check out the Great Wall. You can tell by the video, I’ve really enjoyed being back amongst the hills and the trees and so far….I have definitely been impressed with the wall, although I have a lot more to see. Not getting into Beijing until the 18th, so a few more days pottering around.


  1. spratn · Oct 14, 2019

    Great reading your posts. What a awesome adventure. Stay safe and ride strong..


  2. cheryl clafton · Oct 14, 2019

    At a guess I would say you have reached Mutianyu. Toboggan down is a must!


    • keziajukes4368 · Oct 15, 2019

      Indeed I have! And yes, I’ll definitely be taking the toboggan! Silly not to!


  3. Gareth · Oct 15, 2019

    Loving the Great Wall of China scenes! Amazing! I could see that you were absolutely buzzing to be on the Wall, and rightly so!


    • keziajukes4368 · Oct 17, 2019

      Haha I was buzzing! It’s very cool. Less cool with lots of crowds though!


  4. Ieuan Morris · Oct 15, 2019

    We wanted to go to china my wife and I but never got round to it thank you for sharing it with us .I thought that a lot of people lived in China but they must all be out at the moment.The Great Wall looks incredible take care of yourself


    • keziajukes4368 · Oct 17, 2019

      Thanks Ieuan. Glad you enjoyed it. I’ll have at least one more video of China to come. There certainly are a lot of people, I’ve just managed to find some quiet bits!


  5. Ieuan · Oct 22, 2019

    My wife said you are standing to near the edge be more careful x


  6. Anna Bell · Nov 9, 2019

    Fabulous footage… just doing catch up so sorry for latenesses… all of it looks really memory making moments.. keep safe and enjoy China …


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