Week 15

So the Pamir Highway is over. It was beautiful and tough. Didn’t help that I got ill half way through but thankfully it didn’t slow me down too much. I climbed, and climbed some more before getting to the mountain passes that felt so good! I’m now in the city of Osh and enjoying a coffee and substantial amounts of food. I won’t miss the barren towns that line the highway. I really struggle to understand why people live in these villages and towns that are at such mercy to geography. I can see that’s it’s now holiday season and I’ve bumped into more cyclists in the last couple of days than I have on the whole trip so far. It’s been good to hear people’s stories and compare notes.

I’m still going to head further north from here to the capital, Bishkek. Only reason for this is to get my Mongolian visa. I’ve got a lot of planning still to do for the next part of my trip, especially heading into China and the Xinjiang region. That is a future Kezia problem though! I’ll think about that in Bishkek! Next week…

(When I first put all my videos into the editing programme on my phone, it was over an hour long! And I haven’t even added my GoPro footage! So, as much as this video is nearly 14mins long, there is soooooooo much more that I couldn’t include!!)


  1. Anna bell · Aug 6, 2019

    Another awesome vid…so remote how people live…keep safe..


  2. John C · Aug 6, 2019

    Fantastic scenery. So remote, so beautiful. Well done on the bike mechanics.


  3. Adam C · Aug 6, 2019

    Loving the videos Kezia – really enjoying. Such an amazing experience for you. Good luck for the next section…


  4. Kate Ford · Aug 7, 2019

    Wow, sooooooo cool to see and hear. You’re doing amazing!!! Thanks for sharing it all!


  5. Esther Shaw · Aug 10, 2019

    Such an amazing post. The scenery, the altitude, the climbs. Safe pedalling xxxx


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