Week 14

I’m still enjoying the natural delights of Tajikistan and the hospitality remains top notch. I’m gradually getting higher and higher and the roads have been getting worse, which means the mileage gets less and less! I apologise to my bike numerous times a day, when I feel, and hear the bike clatter into pot holes and rocks. I met an Italian cyclist the other day who had a broken wheel, so I’m feeling very lucky that, so far, the bike has remained intact.

Still a fair distance to travel in Tajikistan yet but tomorrow morning I set off and leave the Afghanistan border behind me and head inland.

The WiFi here is not strong at all and if I try and upload a video directly onto this blog it cuts out before its fully uploaded. So the solution is I upload it to Dropbox (it has taken all day to do this!) and then my friend, Susie, downloads it onto the blog, saves it as a draft and I add words and publish!! Thanks Susie


  1. Gareth · Jul 26, 2019

    Another excellent vid Kezia. Views look breathtaking, not sure about that camping position on the cliff edge though, I hope that you did your RA! Nice one.


  2. Charl · Jul 27, 2019

    Just wow!!


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