Week 10

Into Kazakhstan and the desert. Amazing scenery if not a tad repetitive! It’s been a week since I got to the ferry port in Azerbaijan and since arriving in Kazakhstan on Tuesday it’s been a series of days absorbing 40+degC heat while camel and horse spotting and trying to avoid head winds! By far the best stars and sunrises I’ve seen so far (maybe because I’ve woken up early enough to see them!). You have to plan a lot more in this environment and be sensible with water but worst case scenario would be to ask a passing car or lorry which are fairly frequent.

Today I’m heading towards Uzbekistan and leaving Johannes and Tobi to cycle in the other direction. It’s been great to have the company through this part of the trip. I’m about halfway through this desert now as I have a similar distance in Uzbekistan to tackle this week. Some really exciting towns and sights to come afterwards though so I’ll focus on them.

(Video is fairly low quality as the WiFi here is not great – I spent a long time trying to upload a better version but this one will have to do!)


  1. Steve N · Jul 1, 2019

    Awesome Media, very jealous of the sunrise, sunsets and stars


    • keziajukes4368 · Jul 6, 2019

      Ah Steve, you would come out with the most amazing pictures from here. Wish I was better equipped!


  2. John C. · Jul 1, 2019

    Really enjoying all your posts Kez. What an amazing trip !! Don’t envy you cycling into a head wind with all that food and water weight on your bike. Take care. John C.


    • keziajukes4368 · Jul 6, 2019

      Thanks John. The wind is definitely the enemy! I’d take a lot of rain and clouds and cold if it meant for no wind! Oh well, some of the time it’s amazing and it pushes me along, so I shouldn’t complain really. Hope you are well too.


  3. Anna bell · Jul 1, 2019

    How desolate it looks and free roaming camels… glad you are still making progress with all that wind.. more fighting against the elements… must of been lovely to have some company for a while.. keep trekking and safe .


  4. Verity · Jul 9, 2019

    Only just got round to watching this one as I didn’t have wifi last week, think its my favourite one yet, crazy camping places + camels + cold oats yummmm x


  5. Sheree Ali · Jul 12, 2019

    You really are an inspiration Kez x


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