Georgia – week 6-7

Arrived into Georgia and the alphabet has changed along with a lot of other significant things. The time changed – I lost an hour. Religion – Incredibly interesting the difference as you cross the border and suddenly the mosques turn into churches and how instantly the people are different. Georgians are also urgent drivers, seemingly always in a rush and without much care for other road users. Elbows out.

Stayed in a guest house just across the border into Georgia and on arrival was tired and dirty but was introduced to the whole family. With significant assistance from Google Translate, we chatted while I was being plied with a lot of different Georgian food and drink and being closely watched for my opinion on each bit! Obviously, it was all great! Although, I was hungry so it actually was all great and not just out of politeness.

The next morning after a few repeats of the snooze button, I was woken up by a bird continuously throwing itself into my window. I did try and scare it away but it was so persistent – slightly odd.

Then off I peddled through Georgia.


  1. Gareth · Jun 9, 2019

    60 pence for a pizza sounds epic – I clearly live in the wrong part of the world!


  2. David Phillips · Jun 9, 2019

    Good to see your puncture repair skills put to good use! The cake certainly looks a good morale lifter, better than pizza. Enjoy your continuing adventure.


    • keziajukes4368 · Jun 11, 2019

      Thanks Dave. Genuinely I do think of what you would say if I have a mechanical issue. Your voice being my internal arbiter!! (Even though we only chatted about bearings!) it may have been your concerned face! Hope all is well.


  3. Anna bell · Jun 10, 2019

    Lovely blog video again… such determination… enjoy the 3 day resting up and the experience… keep safe Anna


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