End of week 6

This video shows my last couple of days in Turkey. Due to the terrain I was pretty much on the same road for the whole time. Pros and cons to this but you’ll see the road features a lot in the video!

Now I’m out of Western Europe, tap water is not really suitable for drinking and, although bottled water is cheap, the amount of water I am getting through would generate so much plastic waste I think Mr Attenborough would have something to say!

I have been using my Water-to-Go bottle to fill up at the numerous taps along my route. My other bottles are now just water carriers and when I want to drink water, I’ll fill up my Water-to-Go bottle using them.

Water-to-Go are kindly supporting me on this trip and have set up a discount code for friends and family to use – KEZIA15. If you are planning a trip in the U.K. or abroad and fancy one of these bottles go to their web site and put the code in at checkout. You will receive a 15% discount. Win.


As ever, thanks for all the support. I have another video nearly ready to go, I’ll publish it either tonight or tomorrow.


  1. Anna bell · Jun 9, 2019

    Another amazing video.. you just pack so much in… looked at the water bottle and looks awesome.. just what you need.. have recommended to friends already…turkey dies sound good… keep safe Anna


  2. Dad · Jun 9, 2019

    Looking forward to seeing videos of your ‘slightly more exciting adventures’!


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