Week 3

It’s been a really great week. Having left Austria behind, we headed into Hungary and then into Slovakia for a short period. Primarily following the Danube river still, the weather continued to be miserable but thankfully the temperature increased and eventually the sun arrived in full force just in time for our cycle into Budapest where we celebrated my birthday. We did feel rather out of place turning up to such a fancy hotel with pannier bags and mud stained trousers but after a few minutes we didn’t care! On the big day we woke up early and cycled across town to one of the local thermal baths which Budapest is well known for. After a long soak and a short time to contemplate life, we headed back into the city centre and went for a super fancy breakfast. My good friend Kirsty had booked, paid and organised the breakfast with Susie as a birthday treat which was amazing – thanks again to Kirsty and also thanks to Susie for cycling with balloons and banners and cards to surprise me as well!

Not giving ourselves too much of a break we still had 50 odd miles to cycle that afternoon. We’ve had a couple of great BnBs over the last couple of days which have been more like homestays. It’s been really great to meet some Hungarian people and they have been so welcoming. Another very rainy 80 miles cycled today but the forecast for tomorrow is looking great – suncream at the ready!!

The end of the video was this afternoon, we crossed over the Danube to stay in a small town called Mohacs, our last night in Hungary.


  1. Polly · May 9, 2019

    Great video both. Laughed at Susie’s pastry comment and then again at her plastic bag comment!! Looks like it’s been a good few days xx


  2. Dad · May 10, 2019

    Loving your blog.
    Here is what I think is your actual country count..
    1. England
    2. France
    3. Belgium
    4. The Netherlands
    5. Germany
    6. Austria
    7. Hungary
    8. Slovakia.
    Hope you have bought several extra sets of brake blocks!


    • keziajukes4368 · May 11, 2019

      That looks right! Unfortunately the country count will slow significantly once out of Europe!


  3. Anna bell · May 10, 2019

    Happy belated birthday…lovely to hear you’ve had some good down time if only minimal but still progressing well..
    Sun should be good next week for you at last… keep safe
    Anna .


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