Week 1

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve had some very long days and just haven’t had the time (or energy) at night to put anything down to send across. So much to say but not enough time to edit it all! I’ve done 474 miles so far but getting to Vienna on time to meet my friend Susie is the main motivation at the moment, and it’s looking tight – don’t tell her that….! I’ve done a couple of nights of wild camping, a night in a cheapish hotel and I’m currently in my tent in a German campsite. Spirits are high (despite my demeanour in one of the last clips does come across a little gloomy – please ignore!). A few mishaps; left my bike padlock keys at home and walking into barbed wire in the dark (I’ll include a picture of my legs – just because). Must get some sleep now – the video is very hastily edited but the utter glee I had when using my drone again was epic!

Thanks for all the support so far.


  1. Andy Henderson · Apr 29, 2019

    Good effor. Currywurst is a epic form of nutrition. Don’t forget about gyros!


  2. Mike · Apr 29, 2019

    Good going Kez


  3. Gareth · Apr 29, 2019

    Well done Kezia, great effort so far! Keep pedalling.


  4. Anna · Apr 29, 2019

    Wow…how fabulous you’ve done and with an injury…loved the music and editing… have fun and keep safe
    Anna x


  5. David · Apr 30, 2019

    Well done, going strong.


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