So on the 23rd April 2019 I’m leaving the comforts of my family home in Reading, Berkshire and cycling East. This is something that I have wanted to do for a long time. I’ve dabbled in cycle touring since university; with my first trip cycling the length of Wales with my good friend Susie over a long weekend. Since then I have cycled the length of France and Spain, cycled up and around Scotland, Naples to Pisa and mooched around the Atlas Mountains under the glaring Moroccan sun. The Italy and Morocco trip were with friends but a lot of the miles have been covered solo. Why? You ask… Not because I deliberately try and isolate myself! But finding someone who actually wants to do these trips is rather rare, although my friend Susie is the prime candidate, life and work, does tend to get in the way of these sorts of adventures.

I’m not completely free of life constraints (although I will pretend for the next 8 months!) as I am due to start back at work in January 2020 and I’m a big fan of Christmas, so will make sure I’m back at home for that.


Unfortunately the basic answer is – why not…

I’m not panicking about my age or raising money for charity; although I have considered it (the charity, not the age panicking). I haven’t got a particular charity I feel close to and I do feel I would be being false by claiming the purpose of the trip was for charity.

However, If you feel inspired to give to charity, or be more adventurous from my trip and blog – bloody fantastic – donate to a charity you are close to and get outside!

Thanks for visiting my Blog, please do get in touch. I’ll update the Blog/Vlog as often as I can – WiFi dependant.